Excellent market response to the currently finalized Galeria Chełm and the exceeding expectations commercialization results of Galeria Andrychów have led Acteeum to two further projects – in Koszalin and Siemianowice Śląskie. Plots have been secured in both locations and the opening of the facilities is planned for 2021.


The projects currently developed by Acteeum in cooperation with Equilis – Galeria Chełm and the power center in Andrychów – are model examples of great shopping facilities, fully meeting market expectations. The commercial success of both ventures and the belief in the still promising market potential of medium-sized cities lead Acteeum to gearing up and preparing further projects.

To ensure optimal development of upcoming projects, Acteeum has already secured investment plots in Koszalin and Siemianowice Śląskie – where the next commercial facilities in the Acteeum portfolio will be located.


– We are very happy to see how well the market is perceiving our current projects in Chełm and Andrychów and that there are still locations with demand for shopping centers and large retail parks of a “Power Center” type. We aim to introduce a new, customer-satisfying value proposition on the Polish market, tailored to the expectations of residents of smaller cities and their regions. We strive to implement facilities that not only meet the clients’ shopping needs, but also cause happiness and a sense of satisfaction – says Tomasz Szewczyk, Managing Partner Acteeum Central Europe.

– Therefore, at the beginning of 2020, we are accelerating even more taking on further ambitious challenges – two new retail facilities in Koszalin and Siemianowice – in a joint venture model with an investment partner. – adds Tomasz Szewczyk.


Acteeum development plans include two more shopping facilities. Koszalin and Siemianowice Śląskie projects are planned as modern and functional retail centers that meet shopping and lifestyle expectations of the clients. They will offer a full range of shops and service venues of various brands as well as large food supermarkets, DIY stores as well as extensive, convenient parking spaces, ensuring smooth communication with close and distant surroundings.

In addition to modern and functional architecture, convenient communication solutions and high aesthetic values ​​of developed projects, Acteeum puts special emphasis on ensuring their ecological balance. Acteeum projects optimize the consumption of natural resources as well as energy, and ensure harmonious use of the land on which they are constructed. An expression of this care is the consistent pursuit of BREEAM certification of the Acteeum facilities, already confirmed by the tangible result of the “VERY GOOD” result obtained by Galeria Chełm.

The opening of both facilities is planned for 2021.



Information about Acteeum

Acteeum Group is a privately owned international company operating on the commercial and residential real estate market in Poland, undertaking the entire development process, starting from selecting suitable plots for development through the stage of design, construction, commercialization, management and sale of facilities.

The Acteeum approach to projects is based on extensive experience and knowledge of the polish market and the development process. The company is a business partner of large institutional companies, including CBRE Global Investors, Immofinanz, NepiRockcastle, BPI, Equilis as well as private investors. Acteeum focuses on the development of large scale retail facilities and residential projects.

Acteeum manages a land portfolio and negotiates the purchase of further plots for the construction of shopping centers, retail parks, residential developments as well as mixed schemes.

Further information about Acteeum and its projects at: www.acteeum.pl.