Acteeum dynamically develops a regional shopping center in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Works on the Gorzów project with an area of 25,000 m² of GLA are already underway both in the development and commercialization areas. Thanks to the energy and experience of Acteeum, the construction of Gorzów Power Center – the largest and only shopping center of this type in the region – will begin in spring 2023, and its opening is scheduled for spring 2024.

The dynamic construction plan is also followed by the commercialization of the facility, which confirms the attractiveness of the project and already ensures the presence of attractive brands, including the opening of a spectacular Decathlon store and a large Biedronka supermarket.


Implementing the expansion strategy in the retail investment segment, Acteeum dynamically sets the pace for a new project – a shopping center in Gorzów Wielkopolski, developed in the Power Center format. This is further Acteeum project, followed by Andrychów, Koszalin, Ostróda and Siemianowice, which is a direct response to the growing market demand for well-located, modern retail parks.

Thanks to Acteeum’s close cooperation with tenants, a year and a half before the planned opening, the Gorzów project onboarded well-known and popular brands. An extremely attractive and regionally spectacular Decathlon store will be located in the Power Center in Gorzów, which on an area of 2,500 m² will offer a whole range of sports goods. It will be the first and only store of this brand in Gorzów and its presence confirms the importance and attractiveness of the project on the local shopping facilities market.

Among the tenants of the facility there will also be Biedronka, which will cover the area of 1,300 m², opening  its spacious supermarket in the most modern format. The sports offer of the Gorzów shopping center will also be enriched by Martes Sport with a shop of an area of 900 m², and among many fashion brands, a modern, 1,200 m² store will be opened by Sinsay.

– Our Power Center project in Gorzów has already gained tremendous momentum and with even greater energy we are “putting it into a higher gear”. Having a valid building permit, we have scheduled the development works. Soon – in spring 2023 – we will start construction, and we plan to open the center in spring 2024. We are also very happy about the recognition and trust that tenants have for our project. After a vigorous start of the commercialization process, we already know that brands such as Biedronka, Decathlon, Sinsay and Martes Sport will open their spacious stores here. We are also finalizing arrangements with other tenants and we already know that the shopping offer of our center in Gorzów will be unmatched in the area.

says Tomasz Jopkiewicz, Leasing Director at Acteeum Central Europe.

The Acteeum project in Gorzów is a regional shopping center designed on an extraordinary scale, which has not been seen in the entire region so far, and has a valid building permit. The uniqueness of the project is ensured by its scale, 25,000 m² of GLA, the multitude, variety and attractiveness of the planned stores, as well as its excellent location. The Gorzów shopping center will also provide customers with 800 parking spaces. It will be built in the immediate vicinity of the Selgros hypermarket, which is being developed independently, and a petrol station of the leading brand.

The location of the Gorzów shopping center close to the largest residential districts in the city and Walczaka Street ensures efficient access. Recently modernized ul. Walczaka is currently one of the most important thoroughfares of Gorzów, leading both to the city center and being the main exit route to the north-east (DK22). Thanks to its capacity and the tram route, it provides excellent access to the Gorzowski Power Center by car, public transport and tram, which directly connects the center of Gorzów with the planned shopping facility.


 Gorzów Power Center

Gorzów Power Center will be the first and the largest shopping complex of this type in Gorzów Wielkopolski and the surrounding region. The facility will be constructed on a plot of approx. 8 ha, located at Walczaka Street, one of the main entrance roads to the city center. The location of the shopping center provides excellent communication with the center of Gorzów and the region.

Gorzów Power Center on a total area of ​​25,000 m² GLA, will offer everything customers will need – from a modern and spacious Biedronka supermarket with an area of ​​1,300 m², through a wide range of fashion stores such as Sinsay, sports brands such as Decathlon and Martes Sport, drugstores, household and consumer electronics stores. Gorzow Power Center will include approx. 800 parking spaces and infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. The project will also include zones for relaxation, entertainment, games and activities for children, gastronomy and many interesting solutions of small architecture.

The project in Gorzów already has a valid building permit and the commencement of construction works is scheduled for spring 2023, while the opening of the shopping center is planned for spring 2024.




Information about Acteeum

Acteeum Group is a privately owned international company operating on the commercial and residential real estate market in Poland, undertaking the entire development process, starting from selecting suitable plots for development through the stage of design, construction, commercialization, management and sale of facilities.

The Acteeum approach to projects is based on extensive experience and knowledge of the polish market and the development process. The company is a business partner of large institutional companies, including CBRE Global Investors, Immofinanz, NepiRockcastle, BPI, Equilis as well as private investors. Acteeum focuses on the development of large scale retail facilities and residential projects.

Acteeum manages a land portfolio and negotiates the purchase of further plots for the construction of shopping centers, retail parks, residential developments as well as mixed schemes.

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