The construction process of the Koszalin Power Center – the largest and most modern retail complex in the Koszalin region – is proceeding according to schedule. The project, which is being developed by Acteeum Group and Falcon Investment Management in cooperation with Leroy Merlin and Agata, will offer 30 shops on a total area of 38,000 sqm by the beginning of next year. GLA. On 20 June this year, the signing of the foundation act and the ceremony of laying the cornerstone for the Koszalin Power Center took place. The event was attended by representatives of the Koszalin City Hall, the investors in the venture and the companies involved in the project.


The Koszalin Power Center is being developed as a regional retail park, which will cover both Koszalin and the entire immediate region. The project is distinguished by its friendly architectural form enabling a free entrance to the shops from outside, a selection of well-known and many previously unavailable brands, as well as a convenient location directly at the road junction of the S6 expressway, linking Szczecin with the Tricity and ul. Władysława IV – the main exit road to the sea.

On 20th June at 1p.m , a ceremony was held at the construction site to sign the foundation act and lay the cornerstone for the investment. The event was attended by representatives of entities involved in the realisation of the Koszalin Power Center project, including: Tomasz Szewczyk, President of the Management Board of Acteeum Central Europe, Daria Górniak, Senior Leasing & Expansion Manager of Falcon Investment Management, Rafał Krzepkowski, Development Director of Leroy Merlin Polska, Marcel Rodak, Development Director of Agata S.A. and Marek Nagórski, Operations Director of Dekpol Budownictwo – the general contractor of the facility. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Koszalin City Hall, including Mayor Piotr Jedliński.


The laying of the foundation stone marks the symbolic start of the construction of the Koszalin Power Center. A project that will provide the residents of Koszalin and surrounding towns with the opportunity to shop comfortably in shops of all sectors. We are delighted that our facility has been well received and trusted by tenants. As a result, we can confirm that the Koszalin Power Center has been 100 per cent commercialized one year before the planned opening. In the first quarter of 2024, the local community will not only gain a new, comfortable shopping destination, but also many additional jobs on the site. We are also very pleased with the excellent cooperation with our investment partners, i.e. Leroy Merlin and Agata, and especially with Falcon Investment Management, with whom we are implementing our first joint project in JV format and certainly not the last one,” says Tomasz Szewczyk, CEO of Acteeum Central Europe.


We are proud to be part of the Koszalin Power Center project, which, due to its convenient location at the junction of the S6 expressway and its rich and complementary mix of tenants, fits perfectly with Falcon Investment Management’s development strategy. We firmly believe in the potential of this mall and the fact that, in the long term, it will become a preferred shopping destination not only for the residents of Koszalin, but the entire region. However, the success of the commercialization and construction of the project would not have been possible without the credibility and experience of our partner Acteeum Group and the trust placed in us by our tenants,” adds Piotr Piechocki, Vice President of the Management Board of the company responsible for the project.


Please accept sincere congratulations on the laying of the foundation stone for the Koszalin Power Centre,” says Piotr Jedliński, Mayor of Koszalin. – The start of the construction of a new shopping centre is an important event in the life of the companies realising it, as well as the city in which it takes place. I therefore wish it further development and success in winning new customers. I am aware of the huge tasks facing the Koszalin Power Centre today. High-quality services, adapting to market requirements and increasing competition – these are the challenges facing every company. That is why I wish you perseverance and consistency in your actions, as well as further success. And to the citizens of the city, I wish successful shopping in the new point on the commercial map of Koszalin.


On a total area of 38,000 sq. m. GLA, the project will offer a wide range of shops and service outlets of various brands, including some previously unavailable in the city. The Koszalin Power Center will house, among others, the largest construction hypermarket in the region, Leroy Merlin, with an area of approximately 12,000 sq. m, a Lidl supermarket in a new concept with an area of approximately 2,000 sq. m, a full-size and the only Agata chain furniture store in the region with an area of approximately 11,000 sq. m, and a total of 30 retail units within the retail park.


I am delighted that we are part of this great undertaking, which is the Koszalin shopping complex. Our new shop in Koszalin will be the 79th Leroy Merlin site in Poland. Thanks to that, we will be even closer to the residents of Koszalin and its surroundings, with a comprehensive offer of products and services necessary when building, renovating and decorating a house and garden,” emphasizes Rafał Krzepkowski, Development Director of Leroy Merlin Polska.


“Project Koszalin” came into being at Agata S.A. in 2020, when we signed a preliminary agreement with Acteeum Central Europe to purchase part of the property. Thanks to the cooperation with Leroy Merlin and Acteeum Central Europe (as the leading partners in this project), we were able to design the Agata facility as part of an overall, coherent concept for the entire shopping center. The realization of the facility is also based on close cooperation between the companies realizing the facilities in this project. The newly created facility will be  two-storey building with a total area of over 11,000 square metres. The project also includes the construction of internal roads, maneuvering areas and an external car park with 218 parking spaces for cars, as well as lawns or planting groups of greenery. We are delighted to be part of this project and to be creating together a new facility on the map of Koszalin,” says Marcel Rodak, Development Director of Agata S.A.


In addition to providing shopping opportunities for popular brands, the Koszalin Power Center will also offer a catering zone, including a drive-thru restaurant. In addition, for the convenience of customers, the facility will have a spacious car park for approximately 1,100 vehicles with the possibility of charging electric cars, and infrastructure to ensure smooth communication both within Koszalin and the region.


Acteeum Group

Acteeum Group is a privately owned international company operating in the commercial and residential real estate market in Poland, undertaking the entire development process, from the identification of suitable land for development, through the design, construction, commercialisation, to the management and sale of facilities.

Acteeum’s approach to projects is based on years of experience and knowledge of the Polish market and the development process. The company is a business partner of large institutional companies, including CBRE Global Investors, Immofinanz, NepiRockcastle, BPI, Equilis as well as working with private investors. Acteeum focuses on the development of large-scale retail complexes and facilities for residential use.

Acteeum owns its own land portfolio and is negotiating the acquisition of further land for the construction of shopping centres, retail parks and for residential purposes.

Falcon Investment Management

Falcon Investment Management is an investment fund actively involved in the retail park market in Poland. Its strategy is to build a strong portfolio of freehold retail facilities. Due to the long-term investment horizon, the fund’s focus is primarily on dominant facilities – both in terms of scale and location, the so-called Power Centers – well located and conveniently connected, offering shops of leading brands that are attractive from the point of view of customers, and thus attracting traffic from neighboring towns.

Falcon Investment Management actively invests in and expands its real estate portfolio based on various operating models: acquisitions of completed properties, various forms of cooperation with business partners, as well as its own development. The company places great emphasis on interacting with other market players: investment site owners, vendors or contractors.


Agata S.A., is  Polish chain which currently comprises 32 large-format shops with a wide range of furniture and interior design accessories. Through its retail and e-commerce outlets, Agata S.A. offers collections for the living room, children’s room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, as well as an extremely wide range of accessories and additions. The brand provides access to articles from more than 250 domestic and foreign manufacturers of several dozen own brands and a wide range of advisers, designers and experts.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a chain of building and decorating (DIY) shops. It began operations in 1923 in France. Since 1979, it has been associated with the family financial group Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM). In 2006, ADEO was formed from the construction companies that belonged to AFM.

Leroy Merlin started its operations in Poland in 1994 and opened its first shop in Piaseczno near Warsaw in 1996. At the moment, there are 78 stationary shops, an online shop and the portal. Leroy Merlin’s mission is to make it easier for customers to realize their homes and gardens.