Galeria Chełm, which will be the first shopping center in Chełm, attracts further large tenants. A lease agreement for a retail space of 782 sqm has just been signed by the owner of the RTV Euro AGD brand – the market leader in electronic and household appliances. Acteeum, specializing in the implementation of shopping center projects and retail parks acts as an co-investor and is responsible for commercialization of Galeria Chełm.


The RTV Euro AGD is joining the brands opening their stores in Galeria Chełm. Thanks to the offering of this well-known and valued chain with electronics and household appliances, Galeria Chełm will strengthen its position of a shopping center comprehensively fulfilling customers’ needs. RTV Euro AGD will enter Chełm’s first shopping center by open a broad, modern store of an area of 782 sqm.

– The Galeria Chełm store will be our second in Chełm, which shows how important the city is for our chain in terms of sales. We decided to locate in the new shopping center because we believe that it will play not only local but also regional role – particularly as there has been no such shopping center in Chełm so far and the location of the project is excellent. – explains Tomasz Siedlecki, Marketing Director of RTV Euro AGD in Poland.

RTV Euro AGD is a Polish company that has been operating on the market for 25 years. For numerous years, the brand has been highly positioned in the rankings of the largest Polish enterprises (“Polityka”, “Parkiet”, “Rzeczpospolita”). Currently, RTV Euro AGD runs 270 stores in 171 cities throughout Poland. Thanks to them, customers can easily acquire the comprehensive range of electronics and household appliances, also having comfortable, freely available parking lots and long, convenient opening hours.


Galeria Chełm

Galeria Chełm on the area of 17.5 thousand sqm. will offer 55 commercial premises and over 550 parking spaces. The plot on which the new shopping center will be located at the junction of Lubelska and Rejowiecka streets (also constituting the Chełm beltway), in the major transportation hub of the city. The Galeria Chełm’s catchment area covers nearly 300,000 residents as well as the cross-border traffic with Ukraine and Belarus.

Among the tenants that will open their stores in Galeria Chełm are already such known brands as Lidl, CCC, SMYK and Rossmann. The commercialization level had already, a year before the grand opening, exceeded 70%.

The construction works will start in the third quarter of 2018, and the Galeria Chełm grand opening is planned for the second half of 2019.