Jula has joined the group of tenants of the power center developed by Acteeum and Equilis in Gorzow Wielkopolski, which will open here the first and only 2,300 sqm store in the city and the entire region. With a wide, attractive and affordable assortment of “home and garden” products, the shopping offer of the Gorzow facility becomes unrivaled in the entire region.
Construction of Gorzow’s 25,000 sqm power center is already in full swing, with the opening scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.


In parallel with the construction of the regional retail park in Gorzow Wielkopolski developed by Acteeum and Equilis, which has been underway since September, the facility’s shopping offer is also nearing completion. The new brand whose 2,300 sqm store will open here is Jula. The first and only store of this well-known chain in Gorzow and the entire region will provide customers with an extremely wide and attractive assortment in the “home and garden” segment, including tools, DIY accessories, work clothes and much more, at affordable prices. 

– With this investment, Jula will increase its presence in the western part of Poland. We will be very pleased to open our next multimarket in Poland, which will offer local residents products that make everyday life easier. We are confident that our offer will attract the attention of customers both in terms of shopping in the store itself and through our online outlet.

says Johan Sjöhagra, CEO of Jula AB.

– We are happy to be able to provide customers with a cross-sectional and in all respects attractive shopping offer, which will be under the brand name of our Gorzow retail park. We believe that joining Jula’s project will make the carefully selected offer of our facility permanently inscribed in the shopping landscape of the city and the region, and will make its residents even more satisfied, being able to enjoy the offers of their favorite stores.

says Xavier Pierlet, Chief Investment Officer of Equilis Europe.

The Jula store is an excellent addition to the shopping offer of the Gorzow retail park, which already includes an assortment of brands such as Decathlon, Biedronka, CCC, HalfPrice, New Yorker, Martes Sport, Cropp, House, Sinsay, Jysk, Diverse, Tedi, and Maxi Zoo.

– We are extremely pleased to share the news that Jula is joining our Gorzow project. This is because it means not only proof of the tenant’s trust and confidence in the commercial success of the facility, but most importantly, it means making available an extremely attractive range of products of this well-known brand – previously unavailable in the entire region. The presence of Jula, along with all the other brands that have already joined us, will make our power center one of a kind and already a permanent part of the shopping landscape of Gorzow and the region.

says Tomasz Jopkiewicz, Leasing Director at Acteeum Central Europe.

The opening of the 25,000-square-meter power center facility, whose construction began in September and which is already almost completely commercialized, is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.



Gorzów power center

Gorzów power center, will be the first and at the same time the largest shopping complex of its kind in Gorzów Wielkopolski and the surrounding region. The complex will be built on a plot of 8 hectares, located on Walczaka Street, one of the main entrance roads to the city center. The location of the shopping center provides excellent transport links to the center of Gorzow and the entire region. It will be constructed in the immediate vicinity of an independently developed Selgros hypermarket and a gas station of a leading brand. 

The Gorzow retail park, with a total area of 25,000 sqm GLA, will offer everything customers need – from a modern and spacious Biedronka supermarket and the only Jula market in the region, to a wide range of fashion stores such as Sinsay, Cropp, House, Diverse, HalfPrice, New Yorker or CCC, sports brands such as. Decathlon or Martes Sport, drugstore, household brands like Jysk to a consumer electronics store, Tedi store and Maxi Zoo. The Gorzów power center will include about 800 parking spaces and infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. The project will also include zones for relaxation, entertainment, children’s games, food and beverage, as well as many interesting small architecture solutions.

The Gorzów retail park is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2024.



Information about Jula

Jula was established in 1979 as a family business. The headquarters of the Jula Holding group is located in Skara, Sweden. Jula offers customers a wide and carefully selected range of products for the home, garden or garage. In addition, JULA’s assortment will include consumer electronics and household appliances, work clothes and many accessories for people who spend their time actively, such as fishing, hiking or cycling. Jula is a store for practically minded customers.

Jula products are characterized by high quality and affordable prices. Jula currently has a total of 129 multimarkets-66 in Sweden, 41 in Norway, 3 in Finland and 19 in Poland. Purchases can be made through the online store in all of the aforementioned countries and in Austria. Jula has developed into one of Sweden’s largest private equity groups, Jula Holding Group, with operations in retail, real estate, finance, logistics, hospitality, environment and energy.


Information about Equilis

Equilis is a family-owned company from Belgium, founded in 2006. The developer’s strategy is diversification – both geographically and by sector. The company is present in 6 European countries – in a belt stretching from Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. It specializes in commercial and residential real estate. Globally, Equilis is not only retail and residential, but also revitalization projects, seniors’ homes, dormitories or public spaces. Equilis opened its headquarters in Poland in late 2016. Its first commercial projects, together with Acteeum, were the construction of Galeria Chelm, which was completed in March 2020, and Park Handlowy Andrychow-completed in autumn 2021. Equilis’ motto is to build places where people create their happy stories.


Information about Acteeum

Acteeum Group is a privately owned international company operating in the commercial and residential real estate market in Poland, undertaking the entire development process, from the identification of suitable land for development, through the design, construction, commercialization, to the management and sale of facilities.

Acteeum’s approach to projects is based on years of experience and knowledge of the Polish market and the development process. The company is a business partner of large institutional companies, including CBRE Global Investors, Immofinanz, NepiRockcastle, BPI, BIG, Falcon Investment Management, Equilis as well as working with private investors. Acteeum focuses on the construction of large retail complexes and facilities with residential uses.

Acteeum owns its own land portfolio and is negotiating the purchase of more land for the construction of shopping centers, retail parks and for residential purposes.

For more about Acteeum, visit www.acteeum.pl